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Horse Handling


Clinics and Workshops:
$150 / person
Introduction to Natural Horsemanship, Patterns, Change Your Horse in a Day, Independent Seat and Stick Riding, Trail Challenges, Problem Solving, Bareback Riding, Bridle-less Riding

Limit: 4-6 students

Unlimited auditors, $25 each
10am-1pm, 2pm-5pm; 6 hours - lunch provided for all

Private Lessons:
$70 / hour
2 hr minimum, at Sweetwater Corral
$85 / hour
1 hr, at Sweetwater Corral
Travel, $25 local trip charge / $50 for longer distances

Group Lessons:
2 hours
3 hours
Group of 4
$110 each
$150 each
Group of 3
$120 each
$165 each
Group of 2
$130 each
$180 each

Help You Pass Parelli Level 1-2, 3-4:
$210 / person
Tasks, Instruction & Video for Assessing
Limit: 4 students
10am-1pm, 2pm-5pm; 6 hours - lunch provided

Evening BBQs:
$25 / person
Lecture, Demonstration and BBQ
6 pm-9pm; 3 hours - dinner provided

Horses can be in weekly or monthly training programs by special arrangement.
Horse transportation is available for clinics and workshops. Call for details.
We are available for lectures and demonstrations with horses.

Host your own clinic or workshop and receive all auditor fees!!

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